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Our aim at Air Fusion Media is to offer clients outstanding aerial and ground filming services.

Air Fusion Media delivers credible content and branded entertainment across multiple platforms; from website visuals, YouTube videos to Instagram and Facebook campaigns, allowing companies and organisations to maximise their visual content.

Our professionally trained pilots and camera crew work with clients to capture the most cinematic shots from all angles to create innovative projects and concepts.

Our Showreel

We are excited to share our 2018 showreel

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We are proud of our portfolio and always want the quality of our productions to speak for itself.
Please have a look through, we look forward to working on your project.

Questions & Answers

We get asked a lot of questions, so here are the answers for some of the most frequent.
Please feel free to get in touch if there is anything we haven't covered.

Do you have a licence and insurance?

All our pilots are fully trained and qualified, Air Fusion Media has £2 Million public liability insurance and we have been granted permission for aerial work from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Can you fly in wind?

Yes, but we are limited to certain wind speeds. We can operate safely in up to 25mph winds but capturing a stable image is challenging if the wind is above 20mph.

How fast can the uav travel?

Our UAV’s can travel roughly at 50-60mph depending on wind conditions.

How do you know you got the shot?

We have a live video feed which is streamed to our flight monitors, we can also set up external client monitors (please contact us to specify your requirements).

Can you broadcast live?

Yes we can, please contact us to arrange your requirements.

How high can you fly?

Legally we are obliged to fly below 400ft. We feel this is high enough most of the time but with special permissions this maybe increased should you think it’s necessary.

Can you fly in the rain?

Unfortunately we can’t, our UAV’s are not waterproof. If they were there would be no way to prevent rain from landing on the lens.

How long can you fly for?

We can fly for 10-20mins per battery. We have invested in multiple batteries for each UAV and we carry an onsite charging system to achieve continuous flight.

How far can you fly?

Governed by the CAA Regulations, we are unable to fly beyond 500m from the operator. This gives us a 1km flight path, to offer more flexibility we can operate from the back of a moving vehicle.

Can you fly inside?

Yes, we have different equipment to suit various environments.

Where can we fly?

There are certain restricted areas where special permissions are needed to fly. We do require landowners permission for which we’ll need to take off and land- we’ll arrange all of this.

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